SwitchSki FAQs

What are SwitchSkis?

Our patent-pending system provides a universal interface between bindings and skis, allowing you to unclip your binding from your ski, then attach the binding to another ski. By allowing you to switch bindings or skis effortlessly and without tools, you can always be sure that your skis and bindings match the conditions and your preferred style of skiing.

I like having lots of skis- can SwitchSki help me?

Absolutely. By mounting SwitchSki base plates on all your skis, you can choose to ski whichever ski is right for the conditions- regardless of whether you want to ski in the backcountry, at a resort, or ski telemark. You can build an order which reflects your quiver of skis by combining our kit products, or by adding individual binding sets and ski sets to your cart.

What do you mean by "Pre-Order"?

Right now, we want to identify how many people are interested in the SwitchSkis and see what bindings and combinations work best for you- so right now we don't want your credit card or payment information. Let us know your desired configuration, give us your contact information, and we'll be back in touch when they're ready to order.

When can I get my SwitchSkis?

Not quite yet... We're planning for shipments in Fall 2017. Right now we're taking pre-orders to identify which binding/ski combinations people need, and then we'll begin work with manufacturers to make those systems.

How is this different from other systems?

Existing systems for switching bindings require tools, and don't allow you to fully switch the style of binding. This is the first system which gives you full freedom to mix-and-match as needed, without requiring any tools, specialized bindings, or downtime.

What are the SwitchSkis made of?

We know that a solid connection with your skis is important, so we have a robust metal-to-metal connection which transfers all of your force directly from the binding to the ski. While the final SwitchSkis will be made of stamped stainless steel, the prototypes you see pictured here are made out of aircraft-grade aluminum. Both options are designed to the same rigorous engineering requirements.

How strong are the SwitchSkis?

We've engineered the SwitchSkis to withstand the forces of a 300-lb skier with bindings cranked to DIN 20... more force than most of us would ever want to put on our bindings. So whether you're racing on chattery ice or hucking 40-foot cliffs, you can rest assured that we stand behind our system.

Are the SwitchSkis safe? 

Because they don't modify the bindings in any way, the SwitchSkis should not affect your binding release or indemnification. In this sense, you can think of them just like any other riser that you might mount on a ski. We've engineered the SwitchSki separation mechanism to be fail-safe and to be protected from accidental actuation, so that once your bindings are locked in place you can trust that they're solidly attached with metal to the binding.

How tall are the SwitchSkis?

Our current adapters will raise your bindings about 3/8 inch (9.5mm), very similar to the height of other race risers. We're hoping the production versions bring this down to 1/4" (6.5mm).

How much does the SwitchSki system weigh?

The system is designed to be lightweight, yet strong.  The SwitchSki baseplate weighs about 3.5 ounces per ski (100g), but the weight of the binding plate will vary with the size of your binding. Something with a small footprint like a Dynafit Radical weighs about 2.5oz/ski (70g), while the top plates for a larger binding like the Marker Kingpins or Salomon STHs weigh closer to 7oz/ski (200g).

This means that SwitchSkis add about 6oz/170g per ski to Dynafit Radicals, and about 10oz/300g per ski for a big binding like the Marker Kingpins or Salomon STH.

Note that for frame bindings (Salomon Guardian, Marker Duke, Tyrolia adrenalin) the weight is relatively small, as separate baseplates are used for the toe and heel units.

How do I add the SwitchSkis to my skis?

If you typically take your skis to a dealer or ski shop to have them serviced, just take your skis and bindings in along with the SwitchSki kit, and they should be able to do the rest. We'll be including all the information a ski shop needs to mount the bindings, and they can get in touch with us if there are any questions. 

I like to mount my own bindings- How do I mount the SwitchSkis?

First, we'd like to personally say good job- that's the spirit that led us to create SwitchSkis! If you're comfortable with mounting your own bindings, these should feel very familiar, and will frankly be easier to mount than many bindings- our clean mechanism gives you unfettered access to the ski/binding interface. We will be including mounting templates and instructions on our website before we ship the kits.

How do I travel with the SwitchSkis?

If you're headed on a ski vacation, you'll love these: because you can separate the bindings from the skis, you can easily stack your skis and then zip them into a ski bag. In our experience, 4 pairs of skis with SwitchSki plates fit into ski bags designed for a single set of conventional skis!

I have a ski shop- what can you do for me?

SwitchSkis are a perfect way to save money when outfitting a rental fleet, particularly if you rent backcountry ski gear- don't keep more of those expensive Dynafit bindings on hand than you need to! We also see them as a big value-add for your sales and service teams, as they allow customers to buy more skis while staying within their budget. Fortunately, our system is easy to mount and service (no moving parts!), doesn't affect ski tuning, and we'll be providing a mounting jig for our 'SwitchSki Classic' hole pattern. 

I don't see my binding listed- what can I do?

Email us! At this stage, we're mostly trying to figure out what people like you need- and so if there's something that we've overlooked, just let us know!