About us

SwitchSkis is a ski binding startup in South Lake Tahoe, California. We want to make it easy to always have the right equipment for the conditions- regardless of the size of your quiver or budget.  Whether skiing inbounds, backcountry, or telemark, we want to deliver the same big grins that come from great performance on the right equipment.

We launched this site in October 2016 to take pre-orders for our novel, patent-pending binding adapters. 

We need your help: We need to know how many people like this idea, and what types of skis and bindings they use. While your pre-order costs nothing now, it lets us know which products to launch so that we can work with vendors on manufacturing the system. 

We plan to ship the first SwitchSkis in Fall 2017, before the snow flies : )


Eric skiing near Tahoe

The full details:

SwitchSkis were invented by Eric Munsing, an engineering PhD student at UC Berkeley who started skiing at age 6 and now spends 70+ days backcountry skiing a year. Living on a student budget doesn't leave much for buying expensive backcountry ski bindings- particularly if you want different skis for powder, resort, and corn skiing. 

Enter the SwitchSki concept, first prototyped in 2015 and improved over the course of 500,000 vertical feet in a 100-day season. 

The result of that tireless engineering is what we're now calling SwitchSkis: an effortless way to transfer any binding to any ski, without tools or hassles. While we pursue a patent on the mechanism, we want to identify the passionate skiers who resonate with our idea, and get them the chance to reserve the first bindings. This is where you come in: click below and pre-order your pair now!

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